Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Tenants

Q: How do I schedule to view a property?
A: To view a property, please visit the Vacancies tab of this website. Find the property you wish to view, and click on the View Details button. Then click on the Contact Us button to complete the showing request. Please include the answers to the pre-screening questions when completing the showing request form, and send a copy of your Driver’s License/Government-issued Photo ID to as proof of your identity. A copy of your ID is required for security purposes, as our Leasing Director will be meeting you offsite. Your showing will not occur until a copy of your ID has been provided to our office. If you prefer to stop by, we can make a copy in person at our office..

Q: What qualifications must I meet to be considered?
A: Here’s a quick list of qualifications you must meet in order to be considered to rent a property:

  • Proof of Income: your monthly household income must be three times the amount of rent
  • Must have the security deposit and first month’s rent available at move in
  • Consent to a Credit and Background Check
  • Clean Rental History: no past evictions

Q: How do I apply to rent a home?
A: Applying for your home using our Online Application is quick, easy, convenient, and secure. Moreover, the information is completed by you, so there is less room for error (i.e. legibility of handwriting, etc.)

  • Visit the Vacancies tab of this website; click on the Apply Now button beside the property for which you wish to apply. If you have not yet selected a property, you may apply on any vacant property, and your application will be processed – once approved, your application can be transferred to any available property within your approved rental rate for up to 30 days following the approval.
  • Pay the non-refundable $45 application fee, which covers the cost of your Credit and Background Checks.
  • Once your application has completed processing, our staff will notify you of the approval decision and give you instructions for the next steps.
  • Please note: We typically process applications within two business days from the time we receive all required verification documentation. Please take care to submit all required documents as quickly as possible. It is also advised to notify any prior landlords that they will be contacted by our office, which helps to expedite the response time for landlord verifications. We do not hold incomplete applications for more than seven days from the time you apply. If your application is incomplete for more than 7 days, you must reapply and pay a new application fee – your incomplete application will be canceled.

Q:Are there fees associated with my rental application?
A: Yes, there is a one-time $45 application processing fee which covers the cost of the Credit and Background Check. Once approved, you are eligible for any rental listing that falls within the monetary limit approved on your application.

Q: How soon can I move in?
A: Our staff will guide you through the entire move-in process. Once your application is approved, your lease is executed, your rental deposit and funds are received, and the home is ready for move-in, we will get you in right away!

Q: How are security deposits handled?
A: Security deposits are deposited into the trust account. They remain in the trust account until the tenant vacates the property. By law, any security deposit money due the tenant must be refunded within thirty (30) days of move out.

Q: How can I pay the rent?
A: With your convenience in mind, we offer three methods of payment:

  • Online through your tenant portal (eCheck or Credit Cards accepted, and you can also sign up for monthly automatic draft)
  • Money Order and/or Cashier’s Check (mailed or hand-delivered to our office)

Q: What other bills/utilities am I responsible for paying?
A: Tenants are responsible for all other bills associated with the home including electric, natural gas, phone, cable, trash, water, etc. A list of these companies will be provided to you in your Move-In Packet.

Q: Do you allow pets?
A: Property listings will designate the pet policy for each property. For properties allowing pets, there is a non-refundable pet fee of $300.00 per pet, and a maximum of two pets are allowed.

Q: Who do I contact for maintenance and repairs to my property and do I pay for these?
A: For maintenance and/or repair concerns, please contact our 24-hour Maintenance Center at 919-241-8250, or submit a request online through your tenant portal.

Since we value your time and acknowledge your desire for a quick response, we require that you submit your request directly to the Maintenance Center. Please do not call our office without contacting the Maintenance Center. The Maintenance Center is specifically skilled in handling troubleshooting and maintenance issues, and they will collect important data we will need to address your concerns. By starting with the Maintenance Center (by phone or your online portal), your request is expedited for processing by our office. The owner pays for maintenance and repairs, unless the tenant assumes responsibility.

Q: Can I paint or make changes to the rental property?
A: You must contact Select Rental Services before painting or making any changes to the interior or exterior of the property. Once the Property Management team is notified, we must contact the home owner for permission.

Q: What happens if I need to break my lease?
A: Depending on your specific circumstances and the reason for breaking your lease, the fees may vary. Please discuss this with a member of Select Rental Services team.

Q: Can the Property Management Staff enter my home when I’m not home?
A: The Select Rental Services team does perform periodic inspections of the home. We will contact you to schedule these visits with reasonable notice; however, if we don’t receive a response, we will proceed with the scheduled appointment.

Q: Is smoking allowed in my property?
A: Smoking is not allowed in the interior of the rental home.

Home Owners

Q: What determines the rent for my property?
A: Ultimately, the rental market will determine your rental rate. We use our marketing skills, analysis, and judgement based on years of experience to optimize rents in accordance with your goals.

Q: How are security deposits handled?
A: Security deposits are deposited into the trust account. They remain in the trust account until the tenant vacates the property. By law, any security deposit money due the tenant must be refunded within thirty (30) days.

Q: How are tenants selected?
A: We carefully and thoroughly screen each applicant to verify conditions such as rental history, employment, income, credit history, criminal background, etc. Our complex scoring system offers one of the most solid tenant approval/denial opinions available in today’s rental industry, including adherence to Fair Housing laws and the professional standards set by the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.

Q: Do I pay for processing the tenants’ applications?
A: No. You pay nothing.

Q: Who pays for the maintenance and repairs to my property?
A: The owner pays for maintenance and repairs, unless the tenant has agreed to assume responsibility. In that case, we will seek reimbursement on your behalf from the tenant. Because we deal with a large volume of property, we can normally contract at considerable savings to you for repairs and maintenance. We save you money whenever possible.

Q: Who pays for marketing my property?
A: We pay for all signage and labor costs related to marketing your property for rent.

Q: Are management fees tax deductible?
A: Generally, as a direct expense item. However, you should confirm this with your tax adviser as your specific situation may be different.

Q: What is typically involved in preparing a property to be rented?
A: Generally, you should expect to make the property move-in ready for a tenant. This may involve painting or patch work, carpet cleaning, and minor repairs. Since your property will rent faster and demand a higher rental value if it is in good condition, we will provide you with a list of property condition standards which must be met before enrolling in our property management services. These standards must also be maintained while receiving our services, such as during tenancy, or during the vacancy period between tenants.